This will lead to improved social welfare and integration in society.


Sanitation workers are overwhelmingly represented by the Dalit (SC) community. Even within the Dalit community, however, sanitation workers face discrimination by virtue of belonging to the lowest sub-caste groups. As a result, these workers tend to get limited access to several SC schemes and benefits. Several workers we spoke to claimed that they were systematically denied access to SC certificates.

Bearing this in mind, we are proposing a solution built around improving sanitation workers’ access to SC schemes and benefits. Some preliminary ideas include holding SC certificate camps for workers and information dissemination on various SC related schemes for education, livelihoods and financing.

  • SC certificate camps to provide sanitation workers with certificates within a short-period of time such as a day or a week

  • Sanitation worker IDs to suffice for availing SC schemes, if the worker does not have an SC certificate

  • Information dissemination on various SC related schemes for education, livelihoods, financing, etc.


Types of work: all

Gender: Male and female

Employment nature: Contractual and permanent

Personas: All personas


• No direct comparable but Aadhaar is used for availing benefits under schemes such as cooking gas subsidy, scholarships, MNREGA, etc.; similarly, for sanitation workers, their worker ID can be the basis for availing SC benefits and schemes


  • Will need to be managed politically sensitively, as others who don’t have SC certificates might also make such demands
  • Increased capacity to service sanitation workers
  • Efficient process to minimise delays

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