This will formalise employer-worker relationship and hold employers accountable


Worker-friendly contracts for all workers, provisions include:

  • Fair wages
  • Escalation clauses
  • Provident Fund
  • Mandatory sick leaves
  • Health, accident and life insurance
  • Bi-annual health check-ups with allowance for medicines
  • Information on safety protocols, safety gear and equipment
  • Worker rights (refusal to work in case of unsafe conditions, access to gear and equipment, timely payment of salaries, etc.)
  • Issue resolution or escalation mechanisms

Contract designed in a way that it is easy to understand for workers. Possible features could include:

  • Use of regional language
  • Use of visuals to account for low-education levels of workers
  • Condensed version of a more lengthy formal contract


Types of work: All types of work except latrine cleaning

Gender: Male and female

Employment nature: Contractual and permanent

Personas: All personas


Zero Waste LA System has mandatory contracts with fair terms that promote waste workers’ safety and improve quality of life-:

o Worker training and safety gear
o Provisions regarding living wages; compliance with minimum wages; health benefits (insurance & check-ups)
o Worker retention clauses to protect against indiscriminate firing


  • Investment to create user experience optimised contracts
  • Contextualised contracts (minimum wages according to states, insurance schemes, etc.) to be applicable at the ULB level
  • “Safety officer” at ULB level to ensure enforcement of provisions
  • Sufficient funding to accommodate provisions

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