This will provide children of workers with lucrative livelihood opportunities.


In Dalberg’s interactions with workers, one of their primary apprehensions and fears involved the realization that despite their efforts, it is likely that their children will be associated and involved with sanitation work. Most workers, in turn, inherited this from their parents and other relatives. There is an urgent need to break these chains of lineage.

Consequently, we are proposing a solution titled ‘Breaking the Family Legacy’. Some preliminary ideas include soft-skills training, recruitment helplines and education-scholarship programs for children of sanitation workers.


Sources of non-WASH job opportunities

  • Incentives to companies for skilling and hiring children of sanitation workers; provisions such as tax rebates or qualification of spend as CSR can be provided as incentives
  • Reservations for jobs for sanitation workers in non-WASH sectors (public sector units, mid-day meal cooks, Anganwadi helpers, manufacturing units, etc.)

Interventions to facilitate access and transition

  • Soft skills training by CSOs
  • Recruitment helpline for children of sanitation workers for information on available opportunities, schemes and processes
  • Incentive program for intermediaries (e.g., local CSOs) to provide non-WASH work in a family

Education scholarship program, including funding for:

  • Tuition fee (secondary school, higher education)
  • Materials (books, uniforms, stationery, etc.)
  • Transport


Types of work: all

Gender: Male and female

Employment nature: Contractual and permanent

Personas: Reluctant inheritor, Complacent part-timer, Trapped traditionalist and First-among equals


  • Magic Bus India Foundation has a Childhood to Livelihood program (8-18 years) with a structured curriculum and uses sports and activities to provide soft-skills training
  • All Magic Bus children complete school till Class 12 and 80% of youth in the programme get employment


  • Building the case for corporates to hire from the pool
  • Modify existing schemes for children of sanitation workers, to make them more favourable
  • Being able to track the children to make sure that they’ve truly broken the legacy

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