Women workers lack “empathetic” supervision at the workplace.

Only male supervisors exist in all types of work (except in few CTs and school toilets), often insensitive to women’s needs:

  • Supervisors are often unable to understand issues specific to women, and even women are hesitant to communicate them to male supervisors.

Double burden:

Supervisors often fail to recognize the increased burden on women.

  • Only women workers are assigned night shifts for a month at a stretch and continuous shifts lead to double responsibility of work and household chores, leading to sleep deprivation for almost a month.

Frequent harassment by contractors/supervisors:

  • Some women have reported being spoken to in an “awkward and vulgar” manner by supervisors.

  • In a recent instance in Bangalore, women sanitation workers asked for their unpaid salaries- the supervisor abused them with casteist slurs, but also sexually harassed them by taking his pants off in their presence and threatening to rape them.

Improve working environment- appoint women supervisors; gender sensitise male supervisors.

This insight applies to 2 types of unsafe sanitation work:

What this entails: Cleaning faecal matter from railway tracks and platforms,railway toilets and platform toilets

Frequency: several times a day

Location: Rail network and railway stations

What this entails: Cleaning open drains and road sweeping, often encountering fecal matter due to open defecation and insanitary latrines connected to drains

LocationUrban – drains alongside roads

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