This will ensure speedy redressal of worker grievances.


Sanitation workers regularly face challenges like theft of wages, delayed payment of wages, lack of access to entitled benefits, termination without cause, etc. While there are established grievance redressal systems, they can be fairly circuitous and require workers to seek certification of their work status via supervisors as a starting point. Often this becomes a stumbling block. Additionally, most complaints are sent as paper documents to the central authority from all across the nation, and they there is a substantial backlog in addressing this.

Consequently, we are proposing a solution titled ‘Issue Resolution Helpdesk & Mechanisms’, and will focus on developing systems that make it easier for workers to register complaints, and for authorities to track and address them. Some preliminary ideas include installing anonymized helplines for workers to report issues, ID-linked complaints, MIS systems to track complaint status and CSO-led initiatives where community reporting on worker welfare can take place.

  • Helpline support system

Anonymised helpline (perhaps hosted under the ULB-level safety officer) for workers to report contraventions, such as:

  •  Missing gear
  • Lack of healthcare assistance
  • Lack of cleaning equipment
  • Unsafe work conditions
  • Harassment by supervisors or public (esp. faced by female workers)

MIS to track number, nature and status of redressal of complaints, action in case complaint not closed within given a time period (specified for different types of complaints)

CSO-led initiative where local CSOs can call workers periodically and report back on their status

Fine system

• Traffic police to issue fines immediately to contractors based on workers’ complaints


Types of work: all

Gender: Male and female

Employment nature: Contractual and permanent

Personas: All personas


CHILDLINE is India’s first 24 hour, free, emergency phone service for street and railway children in need of aid and assistance- team rushes to child within 60 mins and provide immediate support and long-term rehabilitation; operates in 366 cities and districts


  • Awareness of helpline number and recall
  • Availability of regional language speaking operators
  • Strong back-end system to ensure calls are received and issues resolved; regular training of operators

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